About 3D 4D Ultrasounds



Some moms find the standard ultrasounds disappointing due to abstract grey, blurry outlines. This is a type of diagnostic imaging that is meant to show internal organs, and many times require a trained eye to identify detail of baby.

3D scans use a unique technology that obtains several 2D images and merges them; ultimately, allowing you to see the shape of your baby's mouth, nose, and lips. 4D ultrasounds allows real time movement to be seen and imaged. You will be able to spot your baby yawning, sticking their tongue out, touching their face, and even smiling.


Gender Reveal Ultrasounds

Finding out the sex of the baby is an experience that many want to share with close family and friends. We offer the unique opportunity to be able to do so with mobile equipment. We host what we call the "Team Pink, Team Blue war". We put a creative twist on a gender reveal party. Our goal is to help make a gender reveal ultrasound a little more inclusive, and fun, for the whole family. 


Diagnostic Ultrasound Services

Bright Imaging offers top-quality imaging without the hassle, and cost, of a hospital visit. All equipment is state-of-the-art and our sonographers are registered in their field of expertise. Rest comfortably knowing that all images are interpreted by a board certified radiologist