Lower Cost

This effective diagnostic test can be preformed at a fraction of the cost of other imaging modalities. Avoid fees often associated with outside imaging centers and hospitals.


General and vascular exams can be done the same day; keeping you from visiting multiple facilities. In-home options allow flexible scheduling that best meet your needs. 

Enhanced Care

Treatment is coordinated through your primary care physician. Have a peace of mind  knowing that a preliminary report will be sent to your doctor same day. 

Diagnostic Ultrasounds

Bright Imaging is pleased to offer a full spectrum exams that would be preformed at any imaging center, hospital, or emergency center. We refuse to compromise quality for portability. We use top of the line imaging equipment that is comparable to hospital quality. All of our sonographers are registered through the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS). Additionally, all exams are reviewed and interpreted by a board certified radiologist.

Our sonographers are registered to preform exams in the flowing areas:

Do you need a Screening Exam?

Screening exams are ultrasounds that are offered to asymptomatic people who have potential risk factors. This exam determines disease in early stages and these test results are used as a guide whether or not a diagnostic test should be offered.     

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Patient Preparation

Team work makes the dream work! 

Some exams require patient participation to ensure the best images possible. Be sure to check out exam prep guidelines to see what is required.

Prep guidelines