Frequently Asked Questions

Why do practices use mobile imaging?

An existing practice could be interested in adding imaging so they can offer a full spectrum of services and aid in patient care. However, a large capital investment for equipment or clinical volumes may make a full ownership approach difficult. Outsourcing provides the company flexibility with scheduling, especially if they have volumes that can only provide one service day a week, and requires not capital investment.  

What are the upfront costs for mobile imaging?

There should be no, or very little, upfront cost. The whole purpose of mobile imaging is to provide the practice with an imaging solution without an initial capital investment or overhead expenditure. Bright Imaging is responsible for credentialing requirements, accreditation standard, equipment, supplies, and HIPPA compliance. 

Bright Imaging will review your clinical volumes to identify the overall need and then determine how many days of service would work best for your practice.

How many patients do I need for mobile imaging to make sense?

Generally, one service day a month with six patients per day is considered reasonable. More patients allow for greater profitability. If there are less than four patients a day it could be difficult to justify the economics.

Is the mobile equiptment as good as what patients would get in the hospital?

Yes! Bright Imaging refused to sacrifice diagnostic quality for portability. All of our equipment is manufactured for clinical settings. We use a top of the line mobile ultrasound system from Samsung that offers many advanced imaging techniques allowing for better imaging. 

How much space do I need?

Ideally, our imaging staff will be able to use a single standard size room for the day. However, if needed the tech can move from room to room as needed.

Who will provide the imaging?

Bright Imaging only employs Diagnostic Medical Sonographers credentialed through ARDMS. We provide references and licence verification for each of our personnel. These highly technical professionals also undergo a meticulous screening process and extensive training. Radiologist oversee the technical aspect of exams but your office maintains authority over Bright Imaging staff. This means that your practice can maintain complete autonomy and control while using our experienced staff. Sonographers integrate themselves into your practice to become an asset, and help contribute to the overall success of your practice.