Ultrasound for Providers

Who We Are

Bright imaging was established to focus on the needs of physicians and their patients and provide convenient options for both.  

What We Do

We strive to enhance patient care and wellness by offering diagnostic imaging to patients in an environment that they already know and trust.

Why We Do It

We ultimately hope to improve the patient and provider relationship and promote early diagnosis through ease of diagnostic imaging.

How We Save You Money

 Bright Imaging allows a "per exam" billing method that does not require you to employ tech staff when it is not needed. Worry about nothing more than scheduling! We have already taken the hardest and most expensive pieces needed, and included it in our imaging packages. 

Why On-site Ultrasound?


Advantages for Your Practice

Additional Revenue

  • Capture additional revenue associated with the care of existing patients instead of referring it out.
  • No capital or staff investment.

Clinic Convenience

  • Fewer scheduling hassles by using a tech that can move from room to room, as you see patients.
  • Decreased administrative burden on staff related to referrals.
  • Same day add-ons are always welcome.

Physician Control

  • On-site exams foster improved provider-patient relationships.
  • Decreased potential for delayed patient care due to lost or withheld test results from outside facilities.

Patient Retention 

  • Tailored to make the cost conscious patient happy (Reduced co-pays and costs associated with imaging centers).
  • Convenient option for patients.
  • Keep existing patients, while attracting new patients, through the benefits of on-site care. 



Lower Patient Cost

  • Ultrasound is an effective diagnostic test that can be performed at a fraction of the cost of other imaging modalities.
  • Eliminates excessive fees often associated with outside imaging centers and hospitals.

Convenient Service

  • General and vascular exams can be done in the same day. This keeps patients from visiting multiple facilities.
  • Patients can opt to have exams done in office or at home.
  • Flexible scheduling allows you to pick days that best meet the needs of your patients.
  • Time-critical tests, and STAT exams, can be accommodated with our on-call staff option. 

Improved Compliance

  • Patients are more likely to follow through with examinations when tests are preformed on-site with their primary physician.
  • Exams can be done the same day as an initial visit.

Enhanced Patient Care

  • Patient treatment is coordinated through their primary care physician. 
  • Ensure that your patients are receiving the level of care they need by setting the standards. 

What is Included

1. Staff

Experienced sonographers, radiologist, and support staff. 

2. Equipment

Eliminate costly initial investment for imaging equipment. Our imaging quality is guaranteed to be identical to imaging centers and hospitals. 

3. Maintenance

Machine maintenance and quality assurance assessments are done by trained personnel on annual and quarterly basis. 

4. Licensing/ Certification

Pick from a list of registries that best support your clinical needs.

See List of Tech Registries

5. Supplies

All necessary supplies are included. This eliminates the burden on your staff to maintain supplies.

Frequently Asked Questions